Some Important Accessories for Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the most adventures sports in these days but it needs some special training to enjoy it properly. There are several equipments used in horse riding to make it easy and comfortable. Some important of them are following.


There are different kinds of saddles available in market for different purposes like racing, riding, polo sports, dressage, etc. When you are purchasing a saddle must keep some things in mind like it properly fits to your stallion body or not, it suites the kind of riding or not. Some saddles are also designed as they can fit horse of any shape. You can also go for them.


Bridle is another useful item for your riding. It a bit attached to reins and generally used for riding and driving horses. It is advisable that always use leather made bridle because it is comfortable and durable. Size of bridle is the important factor in purchasing them; people must have to choose the size of bridle according to your pony and size of its head.


Bits are used to control the speed of horse. Bits are placed in house mouth and rest over their gums not on teeth. There are several kinds of bits come for several different purposes some common are curb, snaffle and pelham bit. These bits are made up of different materials like iron, copper, steel, etc. Size of bits is measured by the taking distance between their two rings.

Riding whips

Whips are the essential equipments for riding; it is used to lead the stallion. It is placed just behind the riders’ legs and carried inside hands. Several kinds of India horse whips available in market like hunting, polar, dressage, etc. These whips are mostly used for the different purposes like jumping, polo and other riding sports.


Rugs are the important item for the protection of your stallion. It protects your stallion from rain, sun light, wind, snow fall, flies and other obstacles. Rugs are come in different sizes according to the size of stallion. There are several kinds of India horse rugs available in market for different purposes like travel, stable, summer, fly, etc.


A halter consists of a noseband and headstall that clips around the horse’s head and allows it to lead or tied. It is mainly used for controlling the speed of the pony. India Horse Halters are available in different sizes riders have to select according to their ease.

These are the some important accessories for ridging. By using these things people can make their riding more comfortable and enjoying. Since riding is very adventures but is also very risky so first through proper training from any professional horse rider after that try it by own.

Ways to improve your pets life

5 Ways to improve your Pet’s Quality of life!

Introducing a new pet to your family will take time and work. As it is with humans so it is with animals getting used to a new home and we know firsthand that this takes time and work. A safe and a clean shelter is what you need to supply for your animal that you take into your home. Just follow these steps:

1. There are several cat litter boxes available from which you can choose from. We all try to avoid bad odor as much as we can and so does your cat. Cat litter boxes not only come as standard litter boxes but there are many automatic litter boxes available. Why using the standard cat litter boxes when there are automated systems available?

2. Buy a book on dog training. A smooth transition period is almost granted when your dog is well behaved and well trained. Daily practice will teach your dog to find out the commands that you want him to understand. Not all dogs have the same learning curve. Give your “best friend” time to learn.

3. Why should you invest money in pet insurance? Having a pet is fun, having a sick or wounded pet is just the opposite. Can you really go without pet insurance? The answer is: NO. If you love your pet you need pet insurance. The last thing you want to be stuck with is a large vet bill. Finding the right pet insurance is not hard. There are several animal insurance to choose from. From farm animals to house-pets some insurance companies have it all. Insurance companies for animals will provide all the details on their websites as on what and what not can be insured.

4. As a daily routine make sure you groom you dog. Just think how you feel when you are being treated with care. Animals have feelings too and are much happier being properly groomed. Does your dog need a haircut? As dog owner you will know. It all depends on the dog breed. Together with a regular fur cut a good shampooing is essential. Not so much dogs but most of the time cats need their nails trimmed. Get a good nail cutter and make sure you do not cut the nails too short so that you do not cut into their meat. If you want to do it at home and save yourself money, there are kits available to help you with grooming.

5. Do you remember being a kid? Going out to play and have fun. Do you remember being much happier back then? Your animal needs to play too. It is important for a healthy animal to play. It is just natural that your animal wants to have fun every now and then. So let it be and play with him or her. Pet toys are important and can be purchased in many grocery stores, pet shops or online. Have some around. Your animal will love it. Without any activity we get easily bored. Boredom is extremely unhealthy for your and for your animal. Not only that cats and dogs are different animals, they like different types of play.

The list above is just a guide. It is up to you to follow or alter it. A little bit of time and a few tools later can significantly improve the chance of your cat or dog feeling right at home in his or her new dwelling.