Useful Dog Training Tips to Manage Excitement of a Pup at Home

Points for House Training for Pups! Useful Dog Training Tips to Help Dogs Understand and Obey Commands. Dog owners need not feel frustrated trying to manage the excitement of a pup at home! Here are some useful dog training tips to help pups understand and obey commands.

Having a dog as a pet in the house brings joy in more than one way. Dogs are amongst the most common pets due to their many qualities, their loving nature being one of them! Imagine the joy of a cute, cuddly puppy, nuzzling a wet nose against your body! These cuddly puppies are completely dependent on their owners once they are separated from their mommies! Whilst they whine and cry, many new owners of such puppies are often perplexed about handling young pups. Besides, managing a cute but moody pup around the house spells nothing but trouble! Therefore, dog training should begin as early as possible. Puppies when trained early on, can turn out to be the most obedient and loving dogs ever. So, before you grumble and mumble when your little pup chews your slippers or barks for no reason, take a look at these important dog training tips to learn some vital points for house training for pups.

Dog Training Tips: House Training a Puppy

House training for a pup is comparatively easier than training adult dogs. The first thing you need to do is keep aside time for your pup. Crate training is often the basic method of making the pup get used to the indoors and outdoors. You can begin by placing the pup in the crate for short periods during the day. If the pup wishes to defecate, you can take it outdoors in the yard. Teach your pup to use the yard or a sand box (in case you don’t have a yard). For this, you will need to use different tonal variations in your voice. If the pup follows the right method, shower it with praise and love. If it doesn’t, then you need to make your voice as stern as possible. A loving ‘good doggie’ or a stern ‘bad doggie’ can help it to understand your commands. When you see the dog turning around in circles, sniffing at a spot, you need to take it as a signal that it needs to urinate or defecate. Be kind and help it to identify a suitable area.

Some pups are an overexcited lot! This is reflected in the way they jump and lunge at a person. Small-sized pups may not really harm a person. However, a large-sized pup can injure a person, unknowingly. Here’s a simple tip for this situation. Ignore! Turn away from the pup. Ignoring the habit rather than screaming a ‘no’ will help you to make it understand. If it does, don’t forget to reward the pup with a loving hug or praise. This is when you can experiment with commands such as ‘sit’ or ‘stay’. Gradually, the pup will be well-behaved, in the presence of friends and guests.

You need to make your pup understand that certain kinds of behavior are unacceptable. Constant communication with your pup will help control behaviors such as excessive barking. We come back to the same solution in this case, which is to disregard the behavior of the pup. Shouting or even hugging your pup when it is barking its head off gives a wrong signal. Instead, opt to leave the room or hide somewhere. Repeat this process over and over again till your pup realizes this behavior is totally unacceptable.

Meal times should revolve around making the pup understand that the food given, also needs to be eaten. Mark a separate area where your pup can have its daily meal. You can even hand-feed the pup, when it turns moody. Always avoid overfeeding your pup. A few doggie treats can be given even during the day, when it displays good behavior.

Training on a leash can be a fun activity. Begin by training it around the house. Avoid hurting the pup by pulling the leash too hard. Be good to your pup, and it will love to follow you around the house. This habit will help the pup understand your commands, when you take it for a stroll outside.

Some understanding combined with love and care will make the house training for your pup an enjoyable activity. Treat it lovingly, like a child and you will be surprised with the results. Your pup is one of the most loyal friends you can ever have!
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