Houses for Dogs, 5 Tips for Noisy-at-Night Dogs

If you have had dogs in your family before, chances are you have had problems with the sleep all day and up all night puppy. I want to list a few tips that might help you get some sleep at night when FIDO wants to play.

Dogs are very similar to children, they respond to stimulus from their environment but with some proactive planning you can help them to sleep at night like you do.

1. Normalize their eating and duty times especially towards the end of the day. I like to walk my dogs in late afternoon, and then feed them as soon as we get back inside. They get energized again from the food and being inside with you. This is good; everyone can have some fun after a hard day at work. It won’t be long before their dinner is digested and they need or just want to go outside again to relieve themselves or just run and play some more. Try to schedule this for shortly before you want to retire. No more food or water after this point, maybe just a very small chewy treat for a reward. Now try to let them relax near you for a little while.

2. Try to reduce stimuli so they get more relaxed. Turn the volume down on everything including your voice. Turn some lights off but not all, darkness tends to put them on alert if it’s sudden. If possible limit the visitors you receive and also your own physical activity. Some white-noise can help drowning out the sounds your puppy hears from outside. No vigorous play for an hour before bedtime.

3. Dogs houses are a calming place for them so if possible an indoor house for dogs (puppy crate) that would be near you would help greatly. You BOTH can sleep better when you have a designated house that can be his bed…again it helps them relax if they are near you. You can use his pad to show him that he should be in the house or crate. Move it during the day so he knows where to go.

4. Giving your dog more of his food in the morning (protein) and less at night (carbs) will make your problem puppy a little sleepier at night.

5. More activity during the day actually helps them sleep better at night, again similar to a child, or even for us adults. It is best to exercise your dog at a high exertion level several hours before you plan on his last meal, the wind down period should be regular and limited to short, low paced walks at the most.

If you consistently use these tips it shouldn’t be long before you have a routine that helps you have a better night’s sleep and gives you a great mental outlook when you awaken each morning. A good night’s sleep is one of the biggest controllable health factors you can provide, for you and your dog.